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Welcome @ Managerzone Player Database.

Managerzone Player Database is the perfect site to show your own players or to view other teams or players from all over the world. Managerzone Player Database is different from othere playerviewers because it is a real database: you can register your team and it will be in the database as long as you want, with the possibility to make changes on your players, add new players or delete older ones. You can choose either to show your players or to hide time if you don't want to show them before an important game. Another feature is the possibility to show your players' partials, maxings or to say the number of trainingsdays he has had. Finally we also have a special feature to show the players you want to sell or to make bids on other players. (the transferfeature will most likely be expanded)

I hope you enjoy your visit on my website.

With kind regards,
Jan De Laet - Quenoy

MZ-data is made possible thanks to donations from:

Kurtrat - Beerschot
ljanssens - A.S. Panda

It is still possible to support us with donations to make mz-data more stabile and to add new features. Click here for more information